Chemistry Caddy, w/ Bottles

Chemistry Caddy, w/ Bottles

We developed this caddy to keep the essentials for developing plates close at hand, upright, and portable. What's not to love?

Tired of bottles getting tipped over in your darkroom or not having the water handy when it's time to stop development? Me too.

That's why we've made this chemistry caddy to hold the essentials for developing plates either at home or on the road. It securely holds a collodion pouring bottle, a 50 ml beaker (for pouring developer), a 500 ml wash bottle (for stopping the development), and an 8 ounce bottle for keeping developer. The 6x7 inch footprint takes up very little space, yet keeps all of your chemistry together, organized, and secure. Made with 1/4 in baltic birch.

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