Traveling Tank, 8x10

As low as $266.00
Traveling Tank, 8x10

Our most popular design, this tank features a single piece polyethylene  lid with a foam gasket and stainless steel draw latches.

This extremely popular tank is designed for taking chemistry "on the road". It features a polyethylene lid with foam gaskets and stainless steel draw latches to minimize the likelihood of spills while traveling from location to location. The durable stainless steel support and anodized aluminum mounting bracket provides a stable platform for the tank as it's being held at the proper angle for conveniently loading and unloading plates. The stand also folds flat against the tank when not in use, for compact storage and travel.

The dipper option is available as either stainless steel rods, or as a plexi paddle. The stainless rods can be mounted in the lid in 1 inch increments for a maximum separation of 8 inches to a minimum of 2 inches, while the plexi paddle covers the width of the tank.

The internal dimensions of the tank are 10.75(w) x 12(h) x 0.75(thick) inches for a fluid capacity of approximately 1500 ml.

The silver tank is light tight and requires no external dark box. The Fixer tank has a clear front face which can be used to monitor the fixing process.

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