Now that you've shot all of these gorgeous plates, what to do with them! I'm guessing you probably have them stacked up on shelves or layered in cardboard boxes with sheets of paper between them. Why not treat them to a comfy storage box to keep them happy and safe? A beautifully made storage box gives your plates the gravitas they deserve when you bring them out for a viewing.

"I received my order today and was completely satisfied with my storage boxes. I was blown away by the quality and overall appearance of the box."
Gary - Killeen, TX
"Got to use the new holding tank the other night - pretty big game changer for us. I've driven over 100 miles before with all 25 darkroom trays in the bed of my truck, full of water and tintypes. Less than ideal situation but had no other option - so it was great to load them all in a [holding] tank [with rack] and forget about them. Made washing far quicker too!"
Adrian - Austin, TX

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