Portable Darkroom, 8x10

Portable Darkroom, 8x10

Our portable darkroom provides ample workspace for 8x10 plates and comes with its own solar powered LED safelight that's  ready whenever you are!

This darkroom provides ample workspace for 8x10 plates, and sports easy rolling wheels and a collapsible handle to make moving gear from location to location even easier! The LED safelight is solar powered - which means it's ready whenever you are! Folding stand not included but is available as an accessory.

Here's a short list of the features you'll find:

* Durable, chemical resistant, black polypropylene case (approx 19x29 inch footprint, 8 inches deep)
* The base forms an easy to clean catch basin for those accidental spills.
* Rolling wheels for easy transport.
* Collapsible handle.
* Suitable for 8x10 and smaller formats.
* Built in solar powered LED safelight.
* Light tight fabric shroud with white exterior (keeping things cooler for you while working)
* Double light traps around box perimeter.
* Drawstring waist closure with friction lock.
* Stainless steel shroud support frame.
* Compact suitcase format for easy transport and storage.
* Provides ample camera and gear storage space when not in use.
* Base: 17x29 inches
Internal height (opened): 26 inches
Shroud Opening: 28 inches wide, 26 inches tall
Empty weight: 26 lbs

Darkrooms are built to order, so please allow 4 to 6 weeks for completion.

Visit our blog page for a demonstration video illustrating darkroom setup.

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