With this hydrometer, designed specifically for wet plate use, you can read the concentration of your silver bath directly!

If you're shooting wet plate, you need one of these. No kidding. It's indispensable for troubleshooting.

Now you can accurately and effortlessly maintain the concentration of your silver bath, making the sensitization step of the wet plate process more consistent and predictable. It's designed specifically for wet plate use, giving a direct indication of the silver bath concentration! No more conversions, or trying to remember "what was that number I measured months ago?". Simply float this hydrometer in your silver bath and read the percent concentration DIRECTLY from the %AgNO3 scale!

Done. What could be simpler?

Get this now. You'll thank yourself for having it on hand when trouble rears it's ugly head and things go all wonky.

The hydrometer specifics are: 0.65 inch bulb diameter, 10 inch length, %AgNO3 Scale (Silver Nitrate), 0% to 17% in 0.2% increments, Specific Gravity (SpGr) scale, 1.000 to 1.170 in 0.002 increments.

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