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Film holder modifications
If you're sending a film holder to be modified, don't forget to include your return address and the dimensions of the opening you would like. Avoid selecting Rite-Way, or wooden framed film holders for modificaton. Instead, select plastic framed film holders with a solid aluminum septum such as Fidelity, Toyo, or Lisco. These are much higher quality and perform significantly better. Thanks!

Collodion Safety
Collodion practitioners should use all chemicals and equipment with caution and at their own risk. Many of the chemicals used in the process of wet plate collodion photography are hazardous. Read and understand the MSD sheets for all the materials you will be using. MSD sheets for individual reagents can be found on the internet or from the chemical supplier from whom you purchase them. Use all chemistry and equipment with caution, common sense, and respect. LundPhotographics assumes no liability for the risk to, or damage caused by, persons handling any chemicals or equipment provided in these pages.

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