Separating Funnel, 1000ml

Separating Funnel, 1000ml

1000 ml separatory funnel for removing unwanted waste water from low concentration alcohol.

Have you ever been frustrated by an inability to locate alcohol of the proper concentration for your collodion work? Fret no more! It's a simple matter to increase the concentration of lower proof alcohols* with the addition of potassium carbonate. Mix the carbonate into your low proof alcohol and pour this mixture into a separating funnel, wait a few hours, then drain off the waste water leaving the higher concentration alcohol in the separating funnel. The refined alcohol can then be poured off into a storage container.

Required accessories that are shown in the photos but not included with the separatory funnel are:

  • Ring stand support
  • Ring stand clamp
  • 4 inch support ring

* (not intended for consumption!)

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