Drying Racks

Drying Racks

"Got to use the new holding tank the other night - pretty big game changer for us. I've driven over 100 miles before with all 25 darkroom trays in the bed of my truck, full of water and tintypes. Less than ideal situation but had no other option - so it was great to load them all in a [holding] tank [with rack] and forget about them. Made washing far quicker too!"
Adrian - Austin, TX

"Love your products, btw, and great, speedy service. I'm new to collodion and finding you guys indispensable"
Deb - South Hadley, MA

Drying racks and holding tanks for tin and glass


Wet /Dry Rack

Drying Rack, Small

Drying Rack, Large

Wire Plate Racks

Holding Tank w/ Rack, Small

Holding Tank w/ Rack, Large