Glass/Plastic Ware

Glass/Plastic Ware

"Today I received my latest order. Everything has gone very well, Fantastic! The products you have made are helping me a lot in the practice of wet collodion...Thank you very much!"
Joan - Cervera (Lleida), Spain

Beakers and bottles. Available in a variety of convenient sizes for measuring, storing, and pouring.


Chemistry Caddy, w/ Bottles

Collodion Pouring Bottle

Bottle, Amber, 1 oz

Bottle, Amber, 2 oz

Bottle, Amber, 8 oz (250 ml)

Bottle, Amber, 16 oz. (500ml)

Bottle, Amber, 32 oz (1000 ml)

Bottle, Amber, Wide Mouth, 8 oz

Bottle, Amber, Wide Mouth, 16 oz

Bottle, Clear, 8 oz

Bottle, Clear, 4 oz

Beaker, Glass, 50 ml

Beaker, Glass, 250 ml

Beaker, Glass, 600 ml

Beaker, Glass, 1000 ml

Beaker, Glass, 2000 ml

Syringe, 30 ml

Graduated Cylinder, 100 ml

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