The best investment you can make in the advancement of your work in collodion photography is to take a workshop or tutorial. There are a plethora of resources and videos available on the web - and that's great - but there's no substitute for working with an experienced practitioner in a supportive environment to learn the subtleties of the medium, and trouble shooting skills necessary to work with the process in an efficient and confident manner.

Among workshops in general, there are many that will teach you how to get started in collodion. Fewer that will give you the down and dirty on why it does what it does. And fewer still that will push the envelope to explore the fringes of the media with special effects and in-camera manipulations. If the last part of that sounds intriguing, this just might be the place for you! Drop us a line and schedule your workshop today!

"Your wonderfully low-key, patient methods made [learning wet-plate photography] entirely painless and extremely informative, and I feel very confident in making images with the process...which is remarkable considering I'd never used collodion previously!"
Paul - San Francisco, CA




Collodion Negatives


Collodion in the Field

Enlarging onto Collodion

Long Exposure Collodion

Pinhole Collodion

Special FX with Pinhole