Traveling Tank, 4x5

Traveling Tank, 4x5

Traveling Tank, 4x5
Support Stand


This extremely popular tank is designed for taking chemistry "on the road". It features a single piece polyethylene lid, foam gasket and stainless steel draw latches to minimize the likelihood of spills while traveling from location to location.

The hanger/paddle option is integral to the lid and is available as either stainless steel rods (shown in the photos) which are adjustable in 1 inch increments from a maximum width of 4 inches to a minimum of 1 inch, or as a plexi paddle (photo shown in the traveling tanks and accessories category) which covers the width of the tank.

Constructed of 3/16 inch acrylic and stainless steel fixtures that won't corrode.The internal dimensions of the tank are 6 inches wide x 5.5 inches tall x 0.75 inches thick for a fluid capacity of approximately 400ml. A collapsible, hinged support, available in wood or stainless steel, holds the tank at a convenient angle for loading and unloading plates, yet folds flat against the tank for storage and travel.

We highly recommend the stainless steel stand for it's longevity and durability. This stand now boasts a solid, anodized aluminum mounting bracket that improves stability and maintains the tanks slim profile.

The silver tank is light tight and requires no external dark box. The Fixer tank has a clear front face which can be used to monitor the fixing process.

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