Darkroom Safelight (Red Light)

Darkroom Safelight (Red Light)

Darkroom Safelight (Red Light)


This is the last safelight you'll ever need. 40 watts of pure red light that's completely safe for collodion and all other alternative processes. Bounce it off the ceiling and you've got even illumination bright enough to read a book.
The welded stainless steel frame and adjustable stand make this a incredibly durable and portable lamp. Each side of the lamp and stand is fitted with a 1/4-20 threaded socket providing multiple mounting options. Use that extra tripod as a lamp stand, clamp it to a door frame, or simply stand it on a table top - there are a multitude of mounting options.
The lamp is 12x12 inches and only 0.7 inches thick! It takes up practically no space and can easily be stacked and transported from location to location.Durability and portability are our design watchwords.

Here are the specs:
All metal construction - stainless steel frame with aluminum faces.
40 watts of LED illumination.
12VDC power.
Completely adjustable stainless stand.

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