Studio Flood (Blue Light)

Studio Flood (Blue Light)

Studio Flood (Blue Light)


Collodion isn't just for outside photography any more! Hang on to your hat! We're approaching studio lighting from a completely different perspective; one that's specifically made for collodion and alt pro photography.

First, we've gotten rid of the clunky/ugly "compact" fluorescent lamps that seem to be so popular, and replaced them with high intensity LED's which are cooler, brighter, and truly compact. Next, we've made the lighting even more efficient by (and this is the bit that takes a little getting used to!) choosing a wavelength that's more appropriate for collodion exposures: Pure blue light.

The welded stainless steel frame and adjustable stand make this a incredibly durable and portable lamp. Each side of the lamp and stand is fitted with a 1/4-20 threaded socket providing multiple mounting options. Use that extra tripod as a lamp stand, clamp it to a door frame, or simply stand it on a table top - there are a multitude of mounting options

The lamp is 12x12 inches and only 0.7 inches thick! It takes up practically no space and can easily be stacked and transported from location to location.Durability and portability are our design watchwords.

The lamp can be used as a stand alone light, or it can be used with other broad spectrum lamps (normal lighting). Typical interior exposures on collodion plates with a single lamp are 20 seconds at f/8 with a 2x bellows extension factor, which finally makes interior photography (still life and portraits) within affordable reach.

On a personal note, these lights have completely changed the way I think about and shoot collodion. I simply love them. Shooting a few plates in the evening is not even a second thought for me now. Give it a try, I'm sure you'll love it too!

Here are the specs:
All metal construction - stainless steel frame with aluminum faces.
40 watts (800 lumens) of Blue LED illumination.
24VDC power.
Completely adjustable stainless stand.

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